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Friday, August 20, 2021

Climate Bulletin For Sri Lanka (20 August 2021)



  • Fairly heavy rainfalls are predicted in Western, Sabaragamuwa & Central provinces during 18th - 24th  August.
  • Very heavy rainfalls were experienced in the Central province with max of 152.9 mm in Kandy district on 12th August.
  • From 10th- 16th August: up to  10-15 km/h Westerly & South westerly winds were experienced over the island
  • Sea surface temperature was observed above 0.5℃ around all of Sri Lanka.



14-day prediction: 
NOAA NCEP models: 
From 18th – 24th August: 
Total rainfall by Provinces
  • 65 mm - Western, Sabaragamuwa
  • 55 mm - Central
  • 45 mm - Uva, Eastern, Northern, Southern
  • 35 mm - North Central
  • 25 mm - North Western
From 25th – 31st August: 
Total rainfall by Provinces:
  • 65 mm - Sabaragamuwa, Western
  • 45 mm - Southern, Central
  • 35 mm - Northern, Uva
  • 25 mm - Eastern
  • 15 mm - North Central, North Western
MJO based OLR predictions:
For the next 15 days: 
MJO shall be active thus, slightly enhanced rainfall during 17th – 31st August. 

Ocean State (Text Courtesy IRI)
Pacific Sea Sate: August 11, 2021 
Equatorial SSTs were below average in parts of the eastern Pacific Ocean and near average across the rest of the Pacific Ocean in mid-August and most key atmospheric variables were ENSO –Neutral condition. A large majority of the model forecasts predict ENSO-neutral likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Indian Sea Sate
Sea surface temperature was observed above 0.5℃ around all of Sri Lanka.

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