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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hydro-meteorological Highlights , 13, June 2016

Highlights :Rainfall received only in south western region of the country during the previous week.Considerable rainfall was seen during 7th- 9th June with the highest recorded 90 mm of rainfall near Balangoda on the 9th. NOAA NCEP models predict up to 125 mm rainfall in south western region of the country during next week while WRF model predicts up to 65 mm rainfall in next two days in the same region. Up to 100 mm total rainfall is also expected around Colombo and Kalutara during 12th-17th June. NOAA CPC GFS model predicts 40 - 45 0C maximum temperature near Ampara town and surrounding regions while the models at 850 mb and 700 mb levels forecast 15 m/s of wind during next week.

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